A website building formula getting 10x results for those who seek guaranteed success!

We take you from business planning all the way to profitable sales on the fast lane, in an accountable and transparent way, ensuring that instead your business turning into a nightmare, entrepreneurship will make your dreams come true.

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How to be successful
despite today's very demanding circumstances?

Our company firmly believes that the only way to achieve outstanding results in the online world we live in today is through full transparency, and by working along common denominators and shared interests. We design and implement a long-term action plan that will help you to avoid the biggest pitfalls of many up-and-coming businesses. Our methods will also increase the results of your business month by month, in a measurable way.


Page load speeds tuned to the max

With our speed optimized web page engine, you won’t lose any more visitors and you will be in Google’s good graces as well.

Streamlined workflow

By using our development process that’s improved to perfection, you can avoid running in circles and finally start generating real profit in the shortest time possible, without unnecessary expenses.

Development plan based on actual feedback

With our test-driven methodology, you build your business from the ground up based on your customers' needs, so you don't just find out what they really want as you go.

Fully fledged analytical solutions

DX Labz’s unique analytical system will make you feel like you are reading the minds of your customers and always know how to please them.

Result-focused project management

With our insightful project management solution, you'll always know which will be the most effective development step for the future.

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Having comprehensive knowledge and skills about his field, Gábor is miles ahead of his competition!

Mészáros Robi


Unrivalled professionalism!

Domán Zsolt

DO! Marketing



It’s time to get to THE NEXT LEVEL!

To be successful in today’s world, measuring up to the old standards is not enough anymore. We will show you the level you have to reach in order to be successful.

As entrepreneurs, we often sail on uncharted waters with countless risks, and most of us had to learn how to avoid those on our own. Most of the time a failed business is the result of unforeseen difficulties and lackluster planning. Conscious planning and measuring every result is critical, since in the absence of those our business can go bankrupt without us ever figuring out the reason.

On the other hand, if you track the numbers and systematically try to improve the customer experience, you will be able to get better numbers month by month and always see where you can make the biggest improvements in the near future. A carefully planned business can have more than ten times the revenue of a poorly converting one.

Your business’s online presence is clearly critical when we are talking about the success of your enterprise. Yet, it is hard to grasp the essence of the deluge of information related to the many “hows”. We would like to remove this burden from your shoulders once and for all. Instead of another “magic pill”, we offer you a methodology you can use in other areas of your business that, if you follow consistently, will multiply your chances of long-term success.

As attractive as promises that offer great success in a short time are, real results can only be achieved through continuous work, focusing on clearly defined goals. That's where we want to be your partner. Every business is the embodiment of someone's dreams, and we work to turn those dreams into success stories, not nightmares.

Our goal with the growth methodology we have created is to help new, online businesses avoid the pitfalls and ramp up their business at a pace that allows them to successfully compete with, and even outperform, the old players.

And for businesses that have been around for several years, we want to shift up a gear to secure their position against challengers and competition through continuous innovation and process optimisation.

Rather than simply carrying out the task entrusted to us, we have been taking an "ownership approach" from the start. By equating your success with ours, we check, before the project starts, whether there is sufficient demand for the asset/service that the company offers. We will identify the traffic and conversion targets that, if achieved, can make your business truly more than a dream and turn it into a stable money-making machine.

As a business that has been operating for 5 years, we have been through the same stages of development and we would be much more conscious of that journey today. In that time we have worked with many companies and have seen that they are great people with great motivations, but with a rather poor understanding of online business. We have always felt that we must take on the task of educating our clients about the opportunities available to maximise their chances of success, because for us, success is not the completion of a project, but if the client can actually build a long term, well-established business with our intervention.

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THE PROCESS that guarantees your success

  1. Assessing the basics of your business Arrow Light You won’t have to face unpleasant surprises
  2. Determining customer profile and ideal customer lifepath Arrow Light ou will feel like you are reading the mind of your target market
  3. Idea viability evaluation technique adapted from startups Arrow Light Make sure your idea works before you've invested a fortune
  4. Content creation Arrow Light You'll be able to convey your ideas to clients in a way they'll love
  5. Creating a first round development specification, which requires the least amount of work, while already giving significant value to the customer Arrow Light You won’t pay for solutions that no one will use
  6. Creating wireframe/ design/ prototype Arrow Light You will be able to make changes in time, in a cost-efficient way
  7. Stable technical foundations Arrow Light You won't find out that your system is bleeding from multiple wounds until after your site is built
  8. Quick collection of user feedback and using that as a basis of later improvements Arrow Light Your clients will love your more and more every day, and your income will go through the roof
  9. Quality control Arrow Light We won’t let your webpage to fatten on unnecessary data and and become riddled with errors

SME specific solutions

SME specific solutions

What motivates us? During the past years we have gained valuable experience while working for the biggest digital agencies of the word (WPP/Possible) and the greatest software development company of the region (EPAM) as a software engineer. We were also working on multimillion dollar projects for one of the leading FMCG brands in an online marketing manager position and in a development director position for a startup company with a presence in over 160 countries (Innonic/Optimonk). We felt obliged to make enterprise-level solutions available to SMEs, which gave birth to the idea of founding DX Labz.

Kriston Gábor

Google Web Specialist,
founder of DX Labz

The first and only Google Web Specialist in Hungary
& Certified Growth Master

How our customers see DX Labz

Our list of valued customers includes Optimonk, BrandBirds, Zsolt Domán and Édesburgonya.bio, all market leaders in their respective fields. They have been satisfied with our work, and we will not settle for anything less than making your project a multiple return on investment.

"Gábor applied to one of my personal consultations, that’s how I first met him. During the consultation I got to know a professionally very well prepared, correct person with stable values.

He and his team mainly focus on developing custom websites and page speed optimization. Gábor helped me as well, by optimizing the speed of domarketing.hu.

What’s more, when the original repository of my website would not work during the opening campaign of my Club, with a great deal of work and effort, Gábor managed to move my website to a much faster and higher quality repository within 24 hours. Working with him was a very pleasant experience, I strongly recommend him for anyone!"

Domán Zsolt

DO! Marketing

“It was two years ago that Gábor attended our consultation for the first time, and both his attitude and general approach were very appealing straightaway. At the beginning of May he applied for my “mini consultation” service, where now he asked my professional opinion about his own brand. I like his work very much, as he represents unmatched professionalism that is comprehensible for all. I’ve asked for a conversion optimization analysis for our webpage right away, which was more than useful. Having comprehensive knowledge and skills about his field, Gábor is miles ahead of his competition.

Gábor, thanks for the extremely high quality professional work and that you were willing to share the basics of your knowledge (that still requires months to fully comprehend) with us.”

Mészáros Robi


“One of my trustworthy contacts recommended DX Labz Kft., when the speed optimization of the Tudástár Klub became due and the webpage had several other problems that needed fixing as well. I am very satisfied with your work. Everytime I asked something, you had a clear and understandable answer to it and you always solved every issue in a professional manner, within a short amount of time. I know I can count on you guys in the future as well, and I will gladly ask for your help when it comes to WordPress support.”

Szendrei Ádám

Tudástár Klub

“Their work instantly got my attention, so I asked for an offer without hesitation. We have been working together since then. What I got from their team is professional implementation, dynamic and clear communication. They are working on my second webpage as we speak. They know exactly what to do, even in case of extremely difficult technical issues.

Kovács András


DX ENGINE, the power plant
of lightning-fast web pages

  • 90+ PageSpeed rating
  • Up to 4x faster page speed
  • Page size reduction by 75%
  • Customer increase up to 50%
  • No more SEO penalties

The brand new DX Engine puts websites on a new footing. With the help of an architecture that follows the newest recommendations you can forget about slow page speed or penalties due to poor search engine optimization, and finally focus on what's really important: creating the best possible experience for your visitors.

When it comes to page loading time, every spare second means additional visitors kept on your page and higher conversion rates through a smoother user experience.

DX Engine not only loads web pages lightning fast, but also always uses image files that are appropriate for the device you are using. The engine supports Google’s new webP image format and loads only content that is visible to the user, reducing network traffic.

twice conversion

Page speed optimisation case study

Creating web pages by using ready-made website builders could get you a cheap and neat looking result. However their main characteristic, universality is also their biggest flow. Since these web pages contain every possible component by default, there is a huge amount of unnecessary code in them. Because of that, the final result of “clicking a surface together” that ignores every aspect of speed optimization will be slower than ever, generating even less money.

Originally, Édesburgonya.bio was made in a similar way, and oftentimes it took 15 seconds to load a page. We found the solution to the problem.

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in data traffic


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loading speed


web page
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For Popz, our main goal was to recreate the atmosphere of going to the cinema and having fun together with your friends, as closely as possible. Click on the link to see for yourself how successful this mission has been, and then grab a bag of delicious Popz popcorn to go with your movie tonight!

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In designing the website for this long-established event management company, we focused on key aspects such as reflecting the professionalism and integrity of the services they offer in the design and creating a user-friendly interface for the visitors at the same time.

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Quality Tours Hungary is one of the country's leading group travel agencies. It was important for us to give the company a fitting image and to present our country in an attractive way.

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The method that puts DX Labz

The method that puts DX Labz

To be always up to date about the latest business development opportunities, we master the teachings of the most successful overseas authors. This way we can build their best practices into our methods, to be able to constantly increase the value that we give to our customers.

We are members of the best premium groups on Facebook, so we not only keep our knowledge up to date, but if you have any questions about your project, we can get the country's top experts to give their opinions without costing you a penny.

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